Horizon Science Academy
2012-11-01 13:33:16

Horizon Science Academy


Thursday, October 25, 2012, I had the privilege of speaking to the student body at Horizon Science Academy Columbus Middle School.  I was invited by the school’s Assistant Dean of Students/Community Relations Representative, Mr. Shawn Ritter.


Horizon Science Academy is a public charter school that has a strong focus on inspiring students to be prepared for their post-secondary education and to “meet the challenges of a competitive global workforce”.


I was asked to share some encouraging thoughts that would motivate the students. I chose to introduce a concept that will help prepare these young teenagers for the “real world” and equip them with a starting point to help them navigate through the many levels of peer pressure, which they face on a daily basis. There were approximately 175 Horizon Science Academy students in the assembly. They were a well mannered group and extremely attentive.


I spoke to them about the Alphabets of Success. “ABCDC”: Attitude Behavior Choices Decisions and Consequences.


Your attitude is nothing more than your perspective or your position on a particular issue. “If you don’t like something change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude about it.” Behavior, simply put, is YOUR response to your environment. Choices and decisions are often thought to have the same meaning but they are different. A choice represents an option. The option that you pick is the decision. For example, you can drink alcohol on a Saturday night with your dinner or you can drink a sweet tea. Those are your two choices. Your decision is made when you drink one or the other. Every time that you say “yes” to something you are automatically saying “no” to the alternative. Every time that you say “no” to something you are automatically saying “yes” to the alternative. Lastly, the consequences of your decisions can “break” you or they can be the catalyst to your breakthrough!


I truly enjoyed the opportunity to share this message with the students in attendance.  Prior to delivering my message, a few student ambassadors gave me a tour of the school.  I would like to commend the administration at Horizon Science Academy for their dedication to the students.  It was obvious to me how much pride they take in their jobs, and in positively impacting the lives of their students.


Stay DRIVEN! God Bless!

Roy W. Hall Jr.

 Thanks my friend! God blesss! 
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