DRIVEN Bday Party For Children's Hospital Patient
2012-06-14 14:14:37

Children's Hospital

6.9.12 (Columbus, OH): The DRIVEN Foundation has many programs that impact the lives of young people. My favorite, by far, is the DRIVEN Birthday Bash. This month we contacted Children's Hospital to host a party for one of their recently released patients. The staff at Children's Hospital helped us determine who would most benefit from this months celebration. Based on their suggestion, we proceeded to reach out to the Jenkins family. Their son Derkar, is chronically ill but is handling his treatments extremely well. We decided to celebrate this victory. We understand that every child in Children's Hopital deserves a "victory celebration," but this special occasion was meant for Derkar, who just turned 5!!! 

This month's celebration was held at Fort Rapids Water Park in Columbus, OH. If you've never been there, it's a great place to, at least for a few hours, become a kid again! According to the "secret information" we received from the staff members at Children's Hospital, Fort Rapids was going to be perfect for young Derkar's celebration! Former Buckeye and DRIVEN Vice President, Antonio Smith, accompanied me to Derkar's party. When we arrived, 15 of his family members were plowing away at pizza, cake and ice cream. Derkar was so exited! He was more excited about his gifts (see picture below) than he was to have two former Buckeyes hanging out with him! I guess if I were five I'd be more exited about my toys also!


Derkar Jenkins and I smiling for the camera 

at Derkar's DRIVEN Birthday Bash.


There is something special about seeing LIFE in the eyes of a child. So innocent, so delicate. So optimistic, so happy! Looking in Derkar's eyes added to my desire to serve young people and families! You wouldn't have known it by just looking at Derkar that he was just in Children's Hospital getting multiple treatments for his illness. The nurses at Children's Hospital said he didn't complain once. They described him as a "fighter!" If Derkar can fight for his health without complaining, I will continue to serve and do as much as I can to fight for the restoration of their happiness. I can't be a kid again physically, but I can make sure that those who are still children enjoy it to the maximum! 

Thank you again to Fort Rapids Waterpark and the staff at Children's Hopsital for helping DRIVEN make this special day happen for Derkar! If you would like to support programs like the DRIVEN Birthday Bash please don't hesitate to contact us



Roy Hall

President, DRIVEN Foundation

Ohio State Buckeye 2002-2006

Retired 4 Year NFL Veteran



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