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Pregnancy Portraits


A lot of women don't feel beautiful when they are pregnant but truth be told most women look radiant during that time and what better way to remember how you felt then doing pregnancy portraits?  This is just the beginning of the journey with you and your baby.

Pregnancy portraits can be fun, loving, inclusive or exclusive of your husband and other children.  It's up to you.  I love to be able to have individual portraits of the mother to be as well as photos that include the father or other siblings because they are a part of the process and it is their journey too.

The best way to enjoy this process is to bring along mementos of the baby, some blocks and a couple of different outfits.  Talk with your photographer to let them know what kind of Pregnancy portraits you want.  They can be romantic, stylish, over the top or simple and classic.  This will be up to your discretion and what you feel comfortable doing.

Make a day of it!  Once you've scheduled your Pregnancy portraits, schedule your hair appointment and also schedule with a make-up artists.  The day before your shoot have a manicure and pedicure and tell your husband to make reservations at your favorite restaurant so that you can take advantage of the beautiful outfit you have on and how beautiful you will look and feel. 


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Pregnancy Portraits, Pregnancy Photography, Unique Pregnancy Photography, Maternity Photography, Maternity Photos, Maternity Photo Ideas