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Marketing your Small Business on the Internet; How COSEO makes the difference  

Did you know that internet sales are the fastest growing sales segment worldwide? In fact, Internet sales are growing about 19% per year and are projected to reach 963 billion in 2013 alone.

Ignoring the Internet as an avenue to market your products and services will put your business at a competitive disadvantage in today’s increasingly digital world. Today, studies indicate that more than 90% of consumers do research on the internet before making a purchase even if it is not an online purchase. Practically everybody is buying or researching their purchases on the Internet.

Perhaps you know this; when marketing on the Internet only page 1 of search results matter.  When was the last time you yourself clicked on a vendor found on page 2 or 3 or beyond? Probably never right?  There is an estimated 143% increase in the traffic for the last vendor on page one of a search versus the first vendor on page 2.  If you don’t have the tools to be on page 1 you don’t have a chance to be successful.

The roadblock facing small businesses is how to affordably obtain page 1 search engine rankings. Anything other than page 1 has very little, if any, business value. The search engines determine which pages deserve those top rankings based upon a number of factors including;

  • Popularity, do you get lots of traffic to your site pages?
  • Links, do you have real, not bought, relevant links?
  • Content, is it fresh and original?

Until COSEO from Coolrilla all of these questions are difficult if not impossible for small businesses to achieve organically. COSEO harnesses the power of many for the benefit of each individual business. Under Coolrilla you benefit from the popularity of every business (traffic), their links and the fresh original content they post. Unlike some options that focus on themselves at the expense of your company and brand, Coolrilla is all about you and your company. You get to maintain your image and brand with undistracted attention.

Marketing for your business should be an investment, not just an expense. You should expect a return on your investment, just like any other advertising or marketing strategy you use. We can confidently say that if you are willing to commit to actually using the Coolrilla tools, your ROI will far exceed any other strategy you use and has the added benefit of working for your business 24/7 as long as you remain in on Coolrilla.

Still unsure of marketing on the internet? Think back to where internet sales were 10 years ago, where are they today and then think about where they will be in 10 years? Can you afford to wait to get started? COSEO and Coolrilla make it easy and affordable, sign-up now!

Don’t go it alone, it doesn’t work.  Coolrilla’s COSEO solves the roadblocks to competing as a small business on the Internet.


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